Lawn Chair Millionaire – Two Inches From Scam

Within five minutes of being on the “inside” you’ll feel like you’ve been taken! What could possibly make you get involved in the first place? Is the sales letter that good? Probably not. You’re probably interested in either making money, or in learning some useful information. In either case, the “Lawn Chair Millionaire” is seriously lacking!The sales copy for Lawn Chair Millionaire makes it sound like they have a vault of information full of ways to make more money. Far from the truth! Here are the details about Lawn Chair Millionaire and what it’s really all about.Finally somebody is telling the truth, and not selling you with their affiliate link connected.The PitchA splash page tells you how much you can make in a single week (over $3,250!) with a rapidly increasing dollar amount waiting for you in the “money pool.” You can grab your share if you just get in now.They also talk about their secret vault, which promises a list of places where you can go that are non-mainstream that you will benefit from great investing options. What the vault really is will shock you!This much is true – the money pool is a brilliant marketing concept. The share of the money pool is really just a discount for the first three months, but this marketing ploy is designed to keep people involved for at least three months. My money pool amounted to this:Month 1 = $19.52Month 2 = $23.73Month 3 = $28.31Pretty slick, right? That means for a $29.95 a month purchase, I would hardly have any out-of-pocket expense for the second and third month.Here’s the problem, it doesn’t matter how much you pay or could earn if the opportunity is merely a money-shell game. Without real value to the product, all you’re doing is exchanging money in hopes to get out more than you put in. No price is worth paying for this program! You can bet people will begin dropping like flies once their three month run is up.The Signup FeeOne of the most aggravating things about this program is the $49.95 signup fee, which is 100% non-refundable. They really soak you before you have a chance to even get inside and look around.It appears the Lawn Chair Millionaire people are the same group who brought us MyWorldPlus (my review on that was none too friendly). If they told you ahead of time who they were, you might run the other direction. Unfortunately, they cover their tracks pretty well. Only when you become a member do you see the same people involved and by then they have your $49.95 fee no matter what you do.The VaultNow comes the biggest disappointment of all, their so-called “vault” of useful investing and money-making information turns out to be a bunch of hyped-up fancy talk. Instead of meaningful information, all you get is a simple list of three other programs that cost additional money. I’ll tell you the three programs now, so you can decide whether you want you would rather have paid $70+ just for the privilege to see this:Program 1:The Smart Cash SystemThey call it “the most exciting, simple and fast way to make money that we have ever witnessed!” Which is insider speak for “it’s a complete gamble.”The Smart Cash system is a HYIP (High-Yield Investment Program) and there are hundreds of these things out there on the internet. Very few make money, and even the ones that do make money don’t seem to stick around very long.They claim: “11% gains in one day, 54% gains in 3 days, $300 into $3,000 in less than 30 days” and they even give 2 snapshots as proof (yeah, some proof).I would highly recommend that you stay away from programs like these! Those gains cannot be sustained otherwise people would be turning $300 into three billion dollars in only nine months. Stupid! It won’t last! And by the way, it also costs $189 for the privilege of gambling your money away.Program 2:60 Minute TraderWow.. a program to make a bundle in the stock market. They claim, “If you haven’t so much as traded a baseball card in your entire life you can make a fortune in the markets thanks to 60 Minute Trader.”Not only is that statement poorly written, but it’s ridiculous! So you’ve never traded anything, and have no idea what you’re doing, but this simply system will allow you to push some buttons and outshine all the professionals. I doubt it. Maybe Warren Buffet ought to quit investing and use the 60 minute trader himself – that’d be a lot easier than actually learning how to invest properly.Program 3:FreedomRocksOkay, this program is the closest thing they suggest which is a legitimate program. However, even this recommendation is promoted as easy money and quick riches, which is misleading and dangerous.Briefly put, the FOREX (Foreign Exchange) market is wild and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Supposedly you can just follow the advice of the FreedomRocks system and you’ll ride through market waves and eventually make a lot of money. I even did this exact thing for some time and initially did make a hefty return.Then the market crashed in a big way. The dollar dropped steeply over the course of 3-6 weeks and I lost 97% of my money permanently. From over $10,000 to $262 where the margin call kicked in and I was done.Now mind you… this was after 1 1/2 years of successfully using the system, following the advice of FreedomRocks and riding out a number of other major market moves. I thought I had it figured out, and then this happens. And it will happen again.You need to know this so you’ll be aware. FreedomRocks is not a scam, per-se, but the methodology is flawed. There is no downside limit to your risk, so you could do well for years perhaps… and then lose it all!If you are going to invest in the FOREX, you should really focus on learning different methods and approaches. Limit your downside risk instead of the FreedomRocks way (where everything is always 100% on the line).FreedomRocks also charges you $100 for their system. (this Lawn Chair Vault is looking worse and worse)And that’s the extent of the vault!Can you believe that?Three recommendations for other risky programs. Go investigate these three on your own if you really want, but keep your money away from the Lawn Chair guys.ConclusionsThe Lawn Chair Millionaire program is also making money by selling expensive leads through their ProMailer program. If you want to use ProMessenger you have to install extra software, and their compensation plan is vague and never explained in detail (“residual income” they say – yeah but how much and from who?) It’s a shame that so many people are supporting this!Why two inches from a scam? Well, these guys are paying out commissions as promised… so technically they are legal. But there is hardly anything of value here.Now you know the truth. Tell as many as you can to read this first before they get sucked in and are forced to recruit others just to make money.

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